Travel Insider Touring

Travel Insider Touring

Occasionally each year, we offer special touring opportunities to our readers, giving you a chance to travel somewhere together with other like-minded fellow Travel Insiders, and usually accompanied by Travel Insider David Rowell himself.  Indeed, one of the best features of our touring is the great group of people you get to share the touring with – usually interesting and successful people, often but not always retired, and with plenty of past travel experiences.

Our group travel is quite unlike traditional group travel experiences.  We keep the schedule’s flexibility as high as possible.  For example, if weather changes, or if the group as a whole wish to substitute something for something else, then – if at all possible – we’ll adapt, adopt and improve to ensure the best experience for the group, based on the varying situation and circumstances as they unfold.  If the schedule allows, of course we’ll add impromptu photo stops on request.  And so on.

We also never over-fill the coaches we use.  Typically our coaches are no more than two-thirds full, giving people who are traveling alone or who wish a double seat to themselves plenty of room to spread out, and meaning no-one has to suffer a bad seat (eg with a wheel well directly in front).

Where possible, we add some special extra features and experiences into our touring to further enhance your overall experience.

In the past we’ve had tours to many different parts of the world, ranging from Russia and China (and even North Korea) to Sri Lanka and Scotland’s Islands; from New Zealand to Turkey, and through much/most of western and eastern Europe.

In the future, who knows!  If you have requests or suggestions, by all means let us know.

Here is the schedule of up-coming tours that we plan to operate.

Custom Touring Your Choice

Do you have a group of people you’d like to arrange a group tour for?  We can do all this for you – simply tell us where you want to go, when, what you would like to see and do while you’re there, your target price range and tour quality, and about how many people you expect in your group.

We’ll do the rest.  People can pay us or pay you, they can go through you or deal with us directly; whatever/however you wish it to be managed, we’re here to help and make it so.

More details here.


Scotland’s Highland Highlights

September  2019

One of our favorite touring destinations is Scotland – it is a personal favorite of ours, and a reliable favorite of the people who travel with us.

This year we’re offering a slightly different Scotland tour.  It is designed so you can add your own traveling experiences on before and/or after a one week module with us, and in particular, it is timed so you could immediately connect on to our Loire Valley Land Cruise after this tour.

A wonderful highlight of this tour will be enjoying the almost brand new overnight sleeper train that travels from London up to Fort William.  Then we have three lovely two night stays in lovely parts of the highlands, before taking you back to Glasgow.

Available to join now


Loire Valley Land Cruise

Sep/Oct 2019

We’re offering another of our one week “land cruises”, this time based in the beautiful Loire Valley, south of Paris in France.

You’ll enjoy a full week, based in the lovely town of Tours, with daily touring around the region.

Plus there is an optional pre-tour extension in Chantilly (of lace and cream fame!) and an optional post-tour extension to glorious Bordeaux.

As a pre-pre tour option, you also could do our Special Highland Highlights tour of Scotland, which ends immediately prior to this tour (see immediately above).

Available to join now

Christmas Markets LandcruiseDecember 2019

We’re offering a “land cruise” style Christmas markets tour.  The core tour is a week based in Munich (9 – 16 Dec), with daily touring around the Bavarian area and hopping across the border into Switzerland and Austria too.

After the main tour we offer our always-popular extension to Prague, featuring a wonderful central-city historic hotel right by the main historic market square.

Before the main tour we have an optional pre-tour itinerary, in Vienna and including a day excursion to Bratislava in Slovakia.

Available to join now

Scotland’s Islands & HighlandsJune 2020

An ever-popular tour, now with even more islands included.  We visit seven (or even eight if you wish) islands as part of this delightful tour through Scotland’s Highlands and the Inner and Outer Hebrides Islands.

11 days/10 nights.  Optional pre and post tours.  Connects with Southeast of England tour.

Details to follow in August 2019.

Southeast of EnglandJune 2020

This is a chance to share some of our favorite parts of England with you – the mysteries around Salisbury (way more than just Stonehenge), the Devonshire coast, the amazing land of Cornwall including where Poldark and Doc Martin are filmed, and then the Cotswolds just out of Oxford.

10 days/9 nights.  Connects with Scotland’s Islands and Highlands tour before and Scotland’s Four Corners tour afterwards.


Details to follow in August 2019.

Scotland’s Four CornersJuly 2020

We take you as close as we can get to mainland Scotland’s “four corners” – its southern, northern, western and eastern points.  We also include some islands and other experiences “in the middle”, giving you a chance to literally cover the length and breadth of Scotland.

10 days/9 nights.  Optional pre and post tours.  Connects with the Southeast of England tour beforehand.

Details to follow in August 2019.

New Zealand and AustraliaOctober 2020

One of our very popular NZ Food and Wine themed tours featuring one of the country’s leading food and wine festivals in Hawke’s Bay as well as touring elsewhere, plus a week in Australia.

Do either country, or both countries, as you may wish.

Details to follow in September 2019.

European Christmas MarketsDec 2020

Another Christmas Markets themed European tour.

Details to follow in late 2019.

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