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We love travel related technology, and indeed pretty much all types of tech, be it travel related or not.  The geek with the latest gadget in the corner over there?  That might be us!

We have lots of tech themed articles on this blog, plus a huge section on our website headed ‘Road Warrior Resources’.  We really need to break it down some more, because there’s so much stuff there these days; ranging from cell phone reviews, Bluetooth headset reviews, GPS reviews, to all sorts of other esoterica uncovered for your tech gratification.

Plus, we’re now deploying an entire new site for our tech articles.

Go have a browse around and you’ll be amazed at what you uncover.

New Tech website

Blog Tech articles

Web Tech articles

Don’t forget also our search functions on both the blog (top right hand corner) or the website if you’re looking for something in particular.  The blog search tool searches only the blog, the web search tool searches both the blog and the website so is usually the better choice.

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