Website Attack and Recovery

Ugh. A nasty week or so has been spent clearing up a concerted attack on The Travel Insider.

Just a quick note to let you know that we suffered a massive and multiple series of attacks on all our websites – the main website, the news site, and the blog website – just over a week ago, knocking them all offline.

Maybe we should be pleased and proud for having made ‘the big time’ and attracting the ire of people sufficiently motivated as to engage in some reasonably sophisticated hacking against our sites.  But will that stop us, or moderate our strident voice for reason and fairness?  Absolutely not!

I’m coming up to the final stages of recovering, restoring, and ‘hardening’ things for the future.  You may get some strange newsletters over the next day or two, and I’m desperately hoping you’ll get a ‘real’ one on Friday, too.

Please bear with me while I complete the recovery process.

Recover, for the website, that is.  Happily I’m not in recovery, myself – although after the stresses of the last week or two, I can see how that might become necessary!






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