Two Portable Laptop Stands Reviewed – Should You Buy Either?

The AViiQ Laptop Stand is very cleverly designed out of ultra light weight material. But does it truly provide ergonomic and cooling benefits?

I’ve just published a detailed review of two portable laptop stands made by AViiQ – a company with a painfully contrived name (and even worse spelling) but with two very elegant laptop stands.

They are made out of ‘Hylite’ – a space age ultra- light weight material, and are imaginatively designed to be very compact when folded up while not in use.  The manufacturer claims they provide optimized ergonomics in the form of a 12° tilt, while the tilt also helps keep them cool – something which the manufacturer says could extend the life of your laptop by three years.

Three years?  Wow!  But, before you race out to buy either or both of these, you should read the full review to understand the missing substance to the manufacturer’s claims about both the ergonomic and life extending capabilities of these two stands.

For more information, please read our review of the AViiQ Laptop Stand and AViiQ Quick Stand.

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