iTwin – A Great New Way to Access All Your Data, Everywhere

Simply plug one half of the iTwin device into each of the two computers you wish to connect

These days we increasingly expect and demand 24/7 access to the data on our computer, no matter where in the world we may be.

Various products offer various types of solutions which, to a greater or lesser extent, offer some degree of solution to this new need we seem to have.

Some of the products out there have substantial compromises, whether in terms of security, convenience, cost, or reliability (or all of the above).

Here now is a new product, just today honored with a Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronic Association’s Innovations Panel – the iTwin file sharing tool that allows any two computers, be they Macs or PCs (or one of each) to securely share files, no matter where they are located (as long as they are on the internet).

The iTwin combines physical security with military grade encryption to protect your data, and presents the remote computer’s data to you in the familiar Windows Explorer interface as another ‘logical’ drive on your local computer.  What could be easier and more intuitive than that.

The iTwin is very easy to set up and use, and with a $99 one time price and no ongoing monthly fees, very affordable too.

Please click on for our full review of the iTwin Remote Computer Access Device.

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