Ridiculous Hyperbole – Plane Lighting Offers a ‘Sky Like Experience’

737-800 interior
Does this 737 ceiling look like the sky to you? No, didn't think so!

It can sometimes be difficult to make a sow’s ear into a silk purse, or – in our world – to make a nearly identical airplane seem revolutionarily better than the one before it.

So we should perhaps be a bit sympathetic and appreciate the challenges this article faced, when it says

Aboard the B737-800s, travelers can experience different light-emitting diode (LED) color schemes for soft blue skies and brighter sunsets, with the ceiling’s shape, color and texture are all matched to a sky feeling.

The aircraft also gives travelers a more open and spacious seating experience with its curved cabin, coved lighting and oversized windows.

But, really :  A sky feeling?  Soft blue skies and bright sunsets – inside the plane, not outside?  Yeah, sure, right.

Mind you, the article also quotes Jet Airways’ Chief Commercial Officer (that’s a new title, isn’t it – everyone wants to be a CxO these days, no matter what their actual job may be) as saying

Jet Airways selected the next generation state-of-the art Boeing 737-800 aircraft because of its high degree of operational flexibility and economy

And, ummm, just how much is its high degree of economy?  Oh, the article explains it is a massive 1% better than the previous generation of 737.

To be fair, several other airlines have repeated and even amplified the claims of airplane manufacturers about the seemingly magical powers of in-cabin LED lighting.  It is also said to help you sleep better (please tell me how the type of light you turn off impacts on your sleep – surely all lights are the same when off!) and to speed your adjustment to a new time zone at your destination.

Here’s the original article.

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