All About Amazon’s New Kindle and Fire eBook Readers

Amazon's new Kindle Fire
The new Kindle Fire eReader is also a multi-functional tablet

Phew.  After a solid slog of research and writing, I’ve now published a three page extensive review and analysis of the four new Amazon eBook readers announced earlier today, together with critical comparisons between them and other potential competing products in the marketplace.

So, what should you do?  Treat yourself to a lovely new Fire?  Or take advantage of the bargain priced entry level Kindle, now at a mere $79?  Or, for that matter, do nothing at all and wait for something better to come along?

These three different strategies may all make sense to some people, depending on what they seek and what they already have.  We explain the strengths and weaknesses of each product, and help you to understand the best choices to meet your individual needs.

The article is in three parts, here’s a link to the first part, all about Amazon’s new Kindle and Fire eBook readers.

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