All About Driving in the UK

Great-Rissington-one-way-lane-CIMG4112b Whether it is in beautiful little single lane country roads such as the one pictured here in Great Rissington, or on twelve lane super-freeways, or twirling around their traffic circles (aka roundabouts), driving in Britain is an important part of getting the most out of a visit to Britain.

Not only do the British drive on the other side of the road; they do some other things differently too.  Some are obvious and some are subtle.

So to prepare you to drive in Britain safely and confidently, here now is a very detailed multi-part series All About Driving in the UK that tells you all the things you need to know, but which the rental car company doesn't brief you on prior to setting out on your journey.  We even include a page on how and where to park, which is perhaps just as important as how to drive.

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