New High End Noise Canceling Headphones at a Special Low Ball Price

Solitudexb Our favorite noise canceling headphone manufacturer, Outside the Box – the people who make the Plane Quiet and Solitude brands of headphones – have come out with the Solitude X – their latest model of noise canceling headphones, and they are clearly better than any of their previous models.

The new Solitude X headphones have much better noise canceling, slightly better sound quality, and much less background hiss than any previous model of Solitude or Plane Quiet headset released before.  Their quality in all respects gets very very close to those of the ultimate top of the line Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones – indeed, we think the Solitude X is slightly better in audio quality.

This, the fourth in the Solitude series, is in theory being sold for the same good value price as their preceding three models – $200 a set.  This is $100 less than the top of the line Bose QC15 headsets, and the Solitude X includes two extra adapters which the Bose headsets charge considerably extra for, extending the value proposition further.

But.  Don't stop reading now.  There's more good news to come (and no, it isn't a set of ginsu steak knives).

Because Travel Insider readers have been such a prominent source of business to Outside the Box, all the way back to 2003 and their first ever model of Plane Quiet headphones, we have a bit of deal-making clout with the Outside the Box people, and so we pushed them hard this time, not only to give you a great deal if you've yet to buy your first set of noise cancelling headphones, but also, because these are so truly much better than any previous model headphones they've released, to make it compelling for you to consider upgrading your earlier headphones if – like so many of our readers – you've bought noise canceling headphones from them in the past.

So, how about this :  You can buy one set of Solitude X headphones for half the price of the Bose headphones – $150.  Or, you can buy two sets of Solitude X headphones, and still for less than the price of one set of Bose headphones – for only $250!  Yes, you're saving $150 off the normal price of two sets of headphones; you can get two pairs of Solitude X headphones and still have $50 left over in your pocket compared to if you bought a single pair of the Bose headphones.

A full review and details of how to take advantage of this great deal are now on our website.

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