Should the US Adopt Israeli Airport Security Procedures?

Welcometoisraelb There is growing discontent at the current wrong-footed (and sadly ineffective) procedures at US airports – whole body scanning and intrusive pat downs – neither of which will find 'artfully concealed' explosives.  This has caused many people to call for the US to adopt the highly regarded Israeli approach to airport security screening.

The effectiveness of Israel's airport security process is unquestioned.  But in my new article 'Can the Israeli Airport Security Process Work in the US' I look at the process and find reasons – mainly financial (ie up to $150 per roundtrip extra to pay for added security), but also in terms of the difficulty in scaling up from tiny Israel to our vastly larger country (150 times more people fly in the US each year than in Israel) – why it could not easily be applied to the US.

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  1. I certainly see your point about artfully concealed bombs. At that price I’m not sure people would go for it, but at the same time if you need to get from one coast to the other, you will be taking the flight regardless. There is much to think about here.

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