Lemur SafeDriver Vehicle Monitor Review

Safedriverb Here's an affordable device that allows you to electronically monitor how your car is being driven – for example, when lending it to your teenager.

The Lemur SafeDriver monitor is one of a family of three new vehicle monitoring devices by Lemur Monitors.  It is very easy to install in your vehicle – no tools are required, neither is any wiring or anything else.  Just plug the sensor into the dataport that all 1996+ vehicles have (probably underneath the dash by the steering wheel) and then watch the results appear on the wireless remote monitor.

With a list price of $70 and a street price of about $56 on Amazon, the device is as affordable as it is simple to use and easy to understand.  Sure, it doesn't tell you every possible thing about how your vehicle is being driven, but it doesn't cost the many hundreds of dollars that the more sophisticated units cost, and unlike these other units, it has absolutely no ongoing monthly monitoring cost either.

Interested?  Click on over to my full detailed review of the Lemur SafeDriver Monitor.

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