Interesting Investment Opportunity

A long time Travel Insider supporter is
seeking $30,000 in funds to finance the manufacturing run of a product
he has developed. He will accept investments in multiples of $10k up to
a maximum of $30k, needs the money for 90 days, and at the end will pay
back $11k for each $10k received, plus will give you ten of the product
you helped finance the manufacture of (retail value in the order of
$1500 for the ten units, and ideal as Christmas gifts).

I know the man and his company and his
previous products, and have known him for seven or more years now. There is of course
an element of risk, and the loan is unsecured. But you’ll be helping a
good guy do a good thing, and you stand to get a great return on your

If you’d like to know more, let me know and
I’ll tell you a bit more of the specifics and can then put you directly
in touch if you wish to pursue it. If it still sounds of interest, he
would want your money by the end of this month, and you’d get your money
and products back at the beginning of December, in time for Christmas.

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