Denver – the world’s strangest airport?

Denartb  Denver's new international airport is the
world's strangest/weirdest airport (certainly this example of some of
the artworks featured seems weird enough)?

Perhaps so, according to a

fascinating pictorial article
that also shows the airport with the
runway that goes uphill/downhill (helpful due to its short length, the
runway that crosses a busy main road, and the airport in the Middle East
that is 25% larger than the entire nearby country of Bahrain.

There's even a footnote mention of the
airport in the town I grew up in (Gisborne, New Zealand), plus the
Scottish airport that is nothing more than a sandy beach (at low tide) –
it handles 1,000 flights a year.

1 thought on “Denver – the world’s strangest airport?”

  1. Naaaa, you want strange/scary?
    Try Fane, PNG. Uphill, one-way approach (mountain behind it – you can’t abort the landing) on a high-altitude mountain ridge, cliffs on all the other sides, grass atrip, stray pigs if you’re unlucky.
    Oh, and you have to swerve around the priest’s house about 2/3rds along the runway. And dodge the carcasses of crashed planes either side.

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