Hey, Samsung – Where is my Free iPhone Replacement? :)

Cell phone manufacturer Samsung has

been giving away free Galaxy S phones to selected
bloggers who have been complaining about problems with their iPhone 4

The Galaxy S is an Android based phone that
is comparable to the iPhone 4 in many respects.  It has a larger
screen (4" diagonal) with a high resolution (480×800) but not as high as
the iPhone's resolution (640 x 960), quadband phone and triband 3G
support (the iPhone supports more 3G frequencies),  excellent
battery life, 16GB of storage and can accept an external Micro-SD card
giving it virtually unlimited additional storage abilities, and a 5MP
camera – but no forward facing camera for video conferencing and no
micro flash.  It does has a GPS receiver built in.

The Samsung Galaxy S is currently sold by
AT&T as a 'Captivate' phone, and by T-Mobile as the Vibrant, and in the
future will be available in models for Verizon and Sprint too.

I'll tell you more when (if!) Samsung send
me, too a free one….

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