British Airways Business Class Fare Sale

Here's a great set of summer savings from
British Airways.  You can fly to a huge number of places on their
worldwide route system, and from any of their 18 US and 4 Canadian
gateway cities, in their wonderful business class, for typically well
below half normal price.

Sure, it is still a lot more than coach
class, but you get over twice as much space, over twice as much food,
and potentially much more than twice as much drink too!

Fares are good for travel commencing between
5 August and 5 September, and you can stay away for up to 11 months. 
But, like all good things, they don't last long – if you want to take
advantage of these fares, you'll need to book your tickets prior to the
end of the day on 31 July.

So, if BA's business class is good enough

Britain's Prime Minister when traveling on official business
, surely
it is good enough for you too!  Visit
page with a full matrix of the fares and some more details on the rules
and how to best use the fares
for more details, or simply go direct
to or
to your travel agent.

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