Another Great (and great priced) Bluetooth headset

I’ve now published a full review of the less well known Technocel brand T360 Bluetooth headset.

You’re not paying a price premium for fancy packaging or fancy design or fancy branding; but you are getting a good solidly performing headset at a great value price (something under $30 on Amazon).

Okay, as long as the BlueAnt Q1 remains available for $23 on (and their ‘ends today’ promotion continues for today), that is clearly your better choice, but when this special deal expires and the BlueAnt headset returns back up to something north of $50, the T360 becomes the best value/price out there.

Click to read the Technocel T360 review and to hear sample recordings of its performance in quiet and noisy environments.

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  1. Quick follow-up on this. Based on this recommendation I bought one from It failed after a couple of months, and neither Blue Ant nor will honor the warrantly. Blue Ant has a one-year warranty but says it was not sold as a legit product, and says they only warrant it for three months. I’m out of luck, though fortunately not out a lot of bucks!

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